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Term life insurance designed for real life — because things change

With most traditional term life policies it can be difficult to adjust coverage after you purchase. If you want to make policy changes, you usually have to start all over again with a new policy. Flexible policies with Progressive Life Insurance® are different. (See Disclosure)

Adjust your coverage amount

Within the first 10 years, increase your coverage amount for certain life changes without having to reapply or purchase an entirely new policy. Decrease your coverage amount at any time.(See Disclosure)

Freeze your health status

After your policy is in effect, you won’t have to undergo additional medical exams or testing if you want to increase or decrease your coverage—no matter your age or health status. (See Disclosure)

Cancel at anytime

Cancel your policy whenever you want, for any reason—no questions asked.

Flexible not for you? No problem.

If you’re not interested or don’t qualify for a Flexible policy, we provide Standard term life insurance policies as well. With our Standard policies you can still conveniently apply completely online and get your quote immediately. (See Disclosure) Our mission is to provide life insurance policies that are simple, affordable, and–most importantly–right for you.

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* Progressive Life Insurance’s Flexible policy is a term life policy that allows the insured to request an increase in the coverage amount within the first 10 years of the policy for the following covered life events: marriage, divorce, adding a child to your family through birth, adoption or marriage, or purchasing a home. Coverage amount increases must be between $25,000 and $200,000 (in $1,000 increments), and are subject to overall policy and company limitations. Coverage amount increase requests require proof of the qualifying life event but do not require a new application, medical exams or testing, or a new medical questionnaire. With the health status freeze feature, the new increased coverage amount will be rated at the age and health status of the insured at the time of the initial policy application. Coverage amount decrease are subject to Progressive Life’s minimum coverage amount.

^ Eligibility for Progressive Life Insurance depends on age, health, and additional underwriting factors. The exact policy type, coverage amount, and term length offered will vary.

** The Progressive Life Insurance quote is illustrative and intended to provide general information about life insurance needs, not a personalized assessment of your specific situation. The information provided does not ensure the availability of or eligibility for any specific product or amount of insurance. The quote is based, in part, and dependent upon the accuracy of the information provided and may not be exhaustive of all circumstances and, for this reason, are not guaranteed. The price may change after completing the full application. The recommendations provided should not be considered financial, tax, estate planning, or legal advice. Please consult a professional advisor to address your particular circumstances.

§ Rates based on Progressive Life Insurance rate tables as of 4/12/2021 and are illustrative and intended to provide general rate information. Actual product and policy rates may vary and require completion of an application and are subject to underwriting approval.